About The Event

Four days of talks, tutorials & workshops,
on Artificial Intelligence : Advanced Topics and Social Issues with top speakers from around the world. More details


19-20 November 2022 , FST Settat


November 19-20, 2022 - FST Settat


November 22-23, 2022 - Marrakech

Speaker 1
Joanna DAABOUL, Director of International Relations & Assistant Professor
Stéphane Canu
Stéphane Canu
Stéphane Canu, Professor of Data Science, INSA Rouen
Marie Abel
Prof Marie-Hélène Abel
Director of the Computer Engineering Department at UTC
Pierre-Jean Benghozi
Research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Resarch
Speaker 3
Jean-Pierre Corniou
Professeur Dauphine, Grenoble Ecole de management
Speaker 3
Mohammed Seaid
International Water Research Institute Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
Dr. Parthasarathy Subashini
Professor of Computer Science, Centre for Machine Learning and Intelligence, Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore, India
Speaker 4
Professor, Roberval Laboratory, UTC, French
Speaker 5
Mohammed Cherfaoui
Organisations Professionnelles •Vice-président AFIAP
Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Faculty of Science Ben M'Sik ,Hassan II University
Speaker 4
Michel Volle
Michel Volle is an acclaimed economist who mainly focus on the relationship between thought and action
Mohammed MESTARI
Mohammed MESTARI
Professor at Hassan II university, Casablanca, Morocco





Registration and Welcome Coffee & Croissants (Hall)

Introduction by Officials (45min)

Opening Partners Talk (15min)

Presentation of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) (5 min)

Keynote session #1

Plenary conference

Artificial Intelligence: Vision, research and development of IA in UTC (20 min) - Pr. Joanna DAABOUL, Director of International Relations & Lecturer at UTC, France

Plenary conference

Artificial Intelligence: teaching and research at the Computer Science Department of UTC (25 min) - Pr. Marie-Hélène Abel, Director GI dept UTC, France

Music Interlude (10min)

A Special Tribute to Pr. Gilbert TOUZOT (30 min)

Plenary conference: AI and its societal challenges (30 min) - Pr. Gilbert TOUZOT, President Emeritus of the UNIT Foundation

Lunch (1h40min)

Coffee Break (20min)

Keynote Sessions #2

Plenary conference: MOHAMMED SEAID, University of Durham, UK (35 min)

Plenary conference: Industrial Applications of IA: examples and perspectives (35min) - Dr. MOHAMMED CHERFAOUI, Director at CETIM, France

Parallel Sessions #1(1h45)

Coffee Break: (20min)

Panel Discussion on

Societal Challenges of Artificial Intelligence (1h) Panel Chair Pr. Mouhsine LAKHDISSI Hassan 1st University, International Consultant, Digital Expert

Participants to the panel :

  • Pr. Mouhsine LAKHDISSI (10 min Intervention)
  • Pr. PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI (10 min Intervention)
  • Pr. EL HABIB BENLAHMAR (10 min Intervention)
  • Exchange between Mouhsine LAKHDISSI, PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI and EL HABIB BENLAHMAR (30 min)

Networking Dinner (1h30min)

Welcome Coffee & Croissants (Hall)

Opening Partners Talk (20min)

Keynote session #3

Plenary conference: Understanding and Building the New Business Models of Digital and AI (40min) - Pr. PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI , École Polytechnique (Paris), Research Director at CNRS, France

Music Interlude (10min)

Keynote session #4

Plenary talk: Evolutionary Computation for societal challenges - Pr. PARTHASARATHY SUBASHINI, University for Women, Coimbatore, India (35min)

Coffee Break, Networking, Industrial Exhibitions, visit of the stands, Job Fair (40min)

Lunch break (1h40min)

Parallel Sessions #3

Sessions communications parallèles (1h15)

Plenary Session #5

Plenary talk: Artificial Intelligence for Natural Language Processing - Pr. BEN LAHMAR EL Habib, Hassan II University, Morocco (20min)

Plenary talk: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine - Pr. ANASS NOURI, University Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Morocco (20min)

Conference Highlights (15min)

Partners Talk (15min)

Competition: Award ceremony (20min)

Closing of the conference

Gala Diner (2h30min)



Address :
Artificial Intelligence: Advanced Topics and Social Issues
Workshops : 19-20 November 2022 , FST Settat
Conference : 22-23 November 2022 , Marrakech