About Competition

This is an international competition challenging students, developers, professionals, and researchers to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to tackle some challenges for different applications.

This opportunity will also raise awareness of AI technologies in Morocco, support building local capacity in this timely and crucial area, and provide a platform for participants to share AI ideas and applications.

We are looking for creative original and innovative AI solutions, which can be deployed to resolve practical problems including but not limited to:

  • Problem 1: Healthcare solutions
  • Problem 2: AI in Education
  • Problem 3: Automatic and real-time detection of trolls over social media
  • Problem 4: Real-time AI solutions for assisting sports referees to take prompt decisions
  • Problem 5: Crowd monitoring and behavior analysis and prediction
  • Problem 6: Detection and prevention of attacks and malware
  • Problem 7: Drones emergency services
  • Problem 8: Logistics impacting the supply chain and security challenges due to the blockade
  • Problem 9: Autonomous car and robotics

Your presence at the conference will be highly appreciated. Please do contact CONTACT.AICOMP2022@gmail.com for further details. Kind Regards With best wishes for a productive and enjoyable partcipation, On behalf of AI-COMP 2022

Communications committee

Miss ESSERKASSI Basma : Senior Biomedical Engineer at University Hospital Souss Massa and PhD Student in AI

Miss JDID Sara : Computer science Professor

Mr MAKHKHAS Zakaria JDID : Computer science Professor

Scientific committee

Mr DABOUNOU Jaouad : Computer science Professor

Mr LAKTATI Jilali : Computer science Professor

Mr BOUSHABA Mohammed : Technology Professor interested in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Mrs EDDAROUICH Souad : Computer science Professor

Mrs HANINE Sanaa : Computer science Professor

Mrs BOULHOUAL Amina : Physics Professor

Mr EL MARRAKCHI Abdelkrim : Pedagogical Inspector Electrical Science and Technology

Mr NOURRI Anas : Computer science Professor

Competition coordinator

Mrs EDDAROUICH Souad : Computer science Professor

Contact information

Email address : eddarouichsouad@gmail.com

Phone number : +212 700-759936