Conference Program




Registration and Welcome Coffee & Croissants (Hall)

Introduction by Officials (45min)

Opening Partners Talk (15min)

Presentation of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) (5 min)

Keynote session #1

Plenary conference

Artificial Intelligence: Vision, research and development of IA in UTC (20 min) - Pr. Joanna DAABOUL, Director of International Relations & Lecturer at UTC, France

Plenary conference

Artificial Intelligence: teaching and research at the Computer Science Department of UTC (25 min) - Pr. Marie-Hélène Abel, Director GI dept UTC, France

Music Interlude (10min)

A Special Tribute to Pr. Gilbert TOUZOT (30 min)

Plenary conference: AI and its societal challenges (30 min) - Pr. Gilbert TOUZOT, President Emeritus of the UNIT Foundation

Lunch (1h40min)

Coffee Break (20min)

Keynote Sessions #2

Plenary conference: MOHAMMED SEAID, University of Durham, UK (35 min)

Plenary conference: Industrial Applications of IA: examples and perspectives (35min) - Dr. MOHAMMED CHERFAOUI, Director at CETIM, France

Parallel Sessions #1(1h45)

Coffee Break: (20min)

Panel Discussion on

Societal Challenges of Artificial Intelligence (1h) Panel Chair Pr. Mouhsine LAKHDISSI Hassan 1st University, International Consultant, Digital Expert

Participants to the panel :

  • Pr. Mouhsine LAKHDISSI (10 min Intervention)
  • Pr. PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI (10 min Intervention)
  • Pr. EL HABIB BENLAHMAR (10 min Intervention)
  • Exchange between Mouhsine LAKHDISSI, PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI and EL HABIB BENLAHMAR (30 min)

Networking Dinner (1h30min)

Welcome Coffee & Croissants (Hall)

Opening Partners Talk (20min)

Keynote session #3

Plenary conference: Understanding and Building the New Business Models of Digital and AI (40min) - Pr. PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI , École Polytechnique (Paris), Research Director at CNRS, France

Music Interlude (10min)

Keynote session #4

Plenary talk: Evolutionary Computation for societal challenges - Pr. PARTHASARATHY SUBASHINI, University for Women, Coimbatore, India (35min)

Coffee Break, Networking, Industrial Exhibitions, visit of the stands, Job Fair (40min)

Lunch break (1h40min)

Parallel Sessions #3

Sessions communications parallèles (1h15)

Plenary Session #5

Plenary talk: Artificial Intelligence for Natural Language Processing - Pr. BEN LAHMAR EL Habib, Hassan II University, Morocco (20min)

Plenary talk: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine - Pr. ANASS NOURI, University Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Morocco (20min)

Conference Highlights (15min)

Partners Talk (15min)

Competition: Award ceremony (20min)

Closing of the conference

Gala Diner (2h30min)