The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AIATSI 2022, is a prestigious international gathering of Artificial Intelligence researchers. AIATSI 2022 will beorganizedfor its first edition by the university Hassan Istof Settat, Morocco in Partnership with Institut de l’Iconomie in Paris, France. AIATSI 2022 will be held in Marrakech, Moroccoon 22-23 November 2022.

AIATSI 2022 provides an ideal academic platform for researchers to present the latest research findings and describe emerging technologies, trends in Artificial Intelligence, its applications, E thics and social issues. The conference aims to bring together leading scientists, researchers and research scholars, public and private laboratories, clusters, engineering companies and innovative industrials to exchange and share their ideas, experiences and research projects.

We invite you to participate in the sponsor program for AIATSI 2022. This will provide an excellent opportunity to expand your networks andpromote your brand to some of the world’s brightest minds working in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine Learning areas at the forefront of the world’s most exciting technological changes.Your brand will additionally be exposed to millions of viewers and readers through media reports on the conference.

Your support of AIATSI 2022 will allow us to expand participation in AIATSI 2022 by, e.g., provide support to students and junior researchers. This increased participation will in turn allow you to increase your brand awareness in the high-tech labour market.

Thank you for your interest in supporting AIATSI 2022 and we look forward to welcoming you to Marrakech, Morocco!

Yours sincerely,

AIATSI 2022 Organising Committee


Conference Dates

ReceptionNovember 22 Morning
WorkshopsNovember 19-20, 2022 - FST Settat
ConferencesNovember 22-23, 2022 - Marrakech


AIATSI 2022 will be held in Marrakech.

AIATSI 2022 will have plenty space for exhibitions from sponsors and publishers. The nearby location of the coffee breaks and posters will serve to maximize participation and interest during the conference days.


Based on previous conferences, we expect an attendance of over 200 participants, drawn from universities, engineering companiesand research labsfrom all around the world.



AIATSI 2022 Executive Secretary
E-mail executive.secretary@aiatsi.net

Objective of the Collaboration

AIATSI 2022 thanks to the generous support of sponsors that we can support more participations by students and academic researchers.

The easiest and most typical means by which sponsors may contribute to AIATSI 2022 is through a flat amount of funding towards the organization of the conference in general. AIATSI 2022 is pleased to offer several tiers of benefits to sponsors. In addition, the organizing committee will do its best to accommodate alternative forms of support. The intention of the AIATSI 2022 organising committee is to ensure that all sponsors receive the highest recognition in return for their generous support to the Conference.

Types of Collaborations

There are several types of collaborations available to AIATSI 2022 partners.


AIATSI 2022 Executive Secretary
E-mail executive.secretary@aiatsi.net

The Industry Day brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, and executives to exchange insights on the role of AI in consumer, corporate, and government applications. With talks by industry leaders, a panel and an exhibition of ongoing projects that leverages nearby major industry and research institutions, the Industry Days provide a unique opportunity for research and industry innovators to dialog about major trends in Cognitive Computing, Big Data Insight, and other overarching themes.

Industry Day Special

This level of support would entail the following:

  • 2 complementary registrations for Industry Days
  • optional presentation or demonstration during the industry sessions
  • The display of the company's name and logo in:
    • Printed materials, as schedule permits
    • AIATSI 2022 website and proceedings
    • AIATSI 2022 registration area
    • Signs at appropriate conference events


AIATSI 2022 will also accept flat donations in any amount.