Mohammed Seaid

Speaker 1

Professor Mohammed Seaid first graduated from University Complutense of Madrid in Spain then moved to Darmstadt Technische Universitaet in Germany and Kaiserslautern Technische Universitaet in Germany as a postdoctoral, research associate and assistant professor.

Since 2017 he hold a position of professor at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Benguerir. He also hold a position of professor at School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, University of Durham, UK. His research work has focussed on two areas: (i) modelling free-surface water flows and sediment transport and (ii) development of robust numerical methods for computational hydraulics. Much of his work has been conducted on high-performance computing pltaforms.

Together with colleagues in the Fraunhofer Institut Techno und Wirtschaftsmathematik, Kaiserslautern, Germany, he has been developing lattice Boltzmann methods for shallow water equations in tidal flows. The theoretical and computational work recently has focused on the application of lattice Boltzmann methods for deformational problems, which provides a computational framework for examining the performance of lattice Boltzmann methods in spatial domains with moving boundaries.

Since taking up his current post at Durham, he has researched into the use and development of adaptive finite volume methods applied particularly to hydraulic engineering problems. He has investigated well-balanced discretizations for shallow water equations on nonflat topography using finite volume techniques.

Professor Mohammed Seaid has published more than 120 papers in international journals on computational fluid dynamics and numerical methods for interactions between sediments and water. He is in editorial board of six journals, organized many conferences and four spring schools on numerical methods for PDEs.