Dr. Parthasarathy Subashini

Speaker 1

Dr. Parthasarathy Subashini is a Professor of Computer Science, Centre for Machine Learning and Intelligence, Avinashilingam University for Women, Coimbatore, India.

Computational Intelligence (CI) is the theory, design, application and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms. Traditionally the three main pillars of CI have been Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computation. Computational Intelligence is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. There are two types of machine intelligence: the artificial one based on hard computing techniques and the computational one based on soft computing methods, which enable adaptation to many situations. Computational Intelligence is the computational aspect of AI that focuses on utilizing and deriving value from data.

The key elements of AI include Natural language processing (NLP), Expert systems, Robotics, Intelligent agents and Computational intelligence. The keynote speech focuses on evolutionary computation which is a sub-field of artificial intelligence (AI) and is used extensively in complex optimization problems and for continuous optimization. Evolutionary computation is used to solve problems that have too many variables for traditional algorithms. An evolutionary algorithm (EA) is an algorithm that uses mechanisms inspired by nature and solves problems through processes that emulate the behaviours of living organisms. EA is a component of both evolutionary computing and bio-inspired computing which are inspired by the concepts in Darwinian Evolution. Evolutionary computation is inspired by the mechanisms of biological evolution. With algorithmic improvements and increasing computing resources, evolutionary computation has discovered creative and innovative solutions to challenging practical problems.

The keynote elaborates on what EA algorithms are in our basket now and how those algorithms can be used for addressing various societal problems.